4 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Holiday Party…
On A Budget

Hosting the ultimate holiday party without a lot of fuss or expense is easier than you think and Ryan Party Rentals will help you do just that whether you’re planning a personal or corporate party.

Use A Party Rental Company To Save Time & Money:

By renting things such as chairs, tables, and linens you instantly buy yourself precious time to spend on other aspects of the party. A party rentals company will provide you with a coordinated look using linens in the colors of your choice which is cheaper and easier than shopping for and purchasing the linens yourself. As well, renting chairs, tables and other items means that you can host your party at home or the office and still enjoy all the seating you would at a costly venue, such as a banquet hall. Tents and tent heater rentals are available for those in colder places and looking to have a holiday party outdoors.

Make It A Pot Luck Holiday Party:

Why spend money on caterers when you can opt for a pot luck party instead and end up with a more eclectic food selection so you can put the money you save towards some special extras. A pot luck party is a cost effective way to feed your guests that still allows you to create something really special. Ask guests to bring a dish native to their culture so that you get a wonderful range of dishes. Sink the extra money into a grand dessert or a bartender instead. Asking for holiday-themed meals is another great option.

Remember The Not-So-Glamorous Extras:

Cover all your bases when planning your holiday party right down to the last detail—even those less-than-glamorous. Things like making sure you have a large enough coffee maker to accommodate your guests or even enough garbage bins for the amount of waste that you’re bound to have thanks to food, presents and wrapping paper, and all the other waste that comes with a holiday party. These are all things that a party rental company can provide you with for a minimal. This is especially important if you’re having a tent party. And don’t forget a tent heater to keep your guests comfortable when the temperature drops!

Make Your Holiday Party Feel Personal:

Money saved from the tips above can leave you with a budget for adding some personal touches to the party that will make it a night to remember. Have a special favor for each guest to commemorate the holiday as well as the party, such as a personalized ornament, a small box of gourmet chocolates, or even personalized bottles of water. These are inexpensive when ordered in bulk and easy DIY projects that really help dress up tables and add to the décor along with your coordinating linens.

These tips are sure to help make your holiday party one that your guests will enjoy and talk about long after the presents have been opened and the last champagne cork popped. Remember, whatever your party rental needs are, Ryan Party Rentals can help. Check out our full party rental catalog to see all that we can offer you and your guests.

Happy Holidays From Ryan Party Rentals!

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