Moon Bounce Safety Tips for the Ultimate Party Fun

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If you’re looking for something super-fun to incorporate into your child’s party and are considering one of the many cool inflatables such as a Bounce House, keeping your little guests safe is just as important as keeping them entertained. While a big, soft Moon Bounce House Inflatable is far safer than any hard surface that they’re bound to run on, there are a few things that you need to know in order to make sure that they play safe.

Moon Bounce House Safety Tips

Your party rental company will ensure that your Bounce House is properly erected and ready to be enjoyed, but it’s up to you the host of the party to make sure that the kids play safely at your party. Remember that between the sugar high and the excitement, your little guest won’t be thinking about anything but bouncing away and having fun!

  • Do not exceed the number of children allowed in the Moon Bounce at one time. That maximum is usually 10 depending on which of the inflatables you rent
  • Have an adult supervise the children in the Bounce House at all times, even if there is only 1 child
  • Remove shoes before going into the Moon Bounce
  • Do not allow sharp objects of any kinds inside inflatables, including utensils, pins/brooches, pens or pencils, etc.
  • Remove all dangly jewelry, belts, and glasses before going inside a Bounce House
  • Absolutely no flammables within 50 feet of inflatables
  • Maximum weight should not exceed 1,000lbs
  • If it begins to rain, remove everyone from inside the Moon Bounce, unplug the blower to deflate and take blower out of the rain
  • Do not use a Bounce House in rain or heavy winds

There is no party activity more fun or healthier for children than bouncing. Following these guidelines will help you ensure that your kids party is safe while the Moon Bounce keeps your guests happy for hours on end and makes your child’s party one that they’ll remember forever.

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