Super Bowl Party Tips – Activities

If you are hosting a Super Bowl Party this year, you want it to be great! For tips on food, check out our recent article Super Bowl Party Tips – Food. Now that you have your menu planned out, it’s time to start thinking of activities that can make game day even better.

The Pre-Game, Game:

Let’s face it, nothing gets the energy up and the mood set like a quick game of football. To ensure everyone can play, set up a game of 2 hand touch football, make the teams, set the rules, and have some fun. Be sure to end the game at least 30 minutes before the Super Bowl starts to allow your guests to settle in before the game.

Virtual Football Tournament:

If you are not feeling up for the physical exertion of a football game outside, set up a video game tournament before the game. You can purchase this year’s Madden game or you can rent it. Used copies of this year’s game, as well as previous years, can be purchased for even less money. Madden games are playable on almost all gaming systems. Take turns playing in a tournament until a winner is decided. Make sure you pick the two teams that are in the Super Bowl to really set the mood.

Pass The Guess Cup:

The Guess Cup starts with one person holding it. The player puts $1 in the cup and guesses the next play. For example, if the guess is “fumble” and the next play is not a fumble, the cup then gets passed to the next person and they drop another dollar in the cup. The cup is passed, each time it gets another dollar, until the person holding it guesses the next play correctly. That person wins all of the money in the cup to that point. Then the game restarts. Don’t just do fumbles though, you can do first downs, touch downs, on sides kicks, field goals – anything you want.

Rate The Commercials:

Super Bowl commercials are an event in and of themselves. So why not make a game out of them too? Here’s how you do it. Give each guest a pen and paper. When each commercial comes on, guest make a note as to which ones get a thumbs up, a thumbs down, and why. Once the game is over, add up the thumbs ups and thumbs downs to see which is voted best and worst commercial of the game. Each guest should say why they voted the way they did when they reveal their vote for that commercial. You may be surprised how heated and animated the debate can get.

Super Bowl Bucks Box:

Create a 10 X 10 grid on a piece of paper and have your guests buy one or more of the 100 possible grids. Select an agreed upon buy in price per grid box. Once everyone has purchased their grids, randomly assign the numbers 0-9 to the rows and the columns. At the end of each quarter, use the score of the game to determine the winner for that quarter. The last digit of the score for the NFC team tells you the column number and the last digit of the score for the AFC team tells you the row number. Whoever purchased the box wins ¼ of the money.

If you need to rent any items for your party, please let us know. You can reserve Tables and Chairs, as well as many other items for your party.

Make it a super and safe Super Bowl Party!

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